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February 12th – Valentine’s Day Horse Drawn Wagon Ride

Each ticket is valid for up to four (4) people.


Valentine’s Day

Horse Drawn Wagon Ride 

Sunday, February 12, 2023


Come join us for a Horse Drawn Wagon Ride through the First Ward neighborhood of Latrobe, PA.  For $75.00 dollars, you can purchase one 30-minute ride, with up to four passengers, for a fun-filled ride past some of the most historic sites in Latrobe.  First Ward offers a scenic view of Loyalhanna Creek, with a possible sighting of a Bald Eagle along the wooded banks.  The ride will pass along the longtime Home and Brewery of Rolling Rock Beer, brought to Latrobe by the Tito Family originally from the Uptown neighborhood of Pittsburgh.  The architecture of the homes in the area recalls the days when brickyards and paper mills made this area home.  The ride will meander past a myriad of residential architecture from 19th Century utilitarian company homes to a Queen Victorian Mansion designed by a notable American architect along with everything in between.  The Hotel Loyal Restaurant and DiSalvo’s Train Station Restaurant and Wedding Reception Venue are great examples of thriving businesses operating in some of the remaining magnificent architectural gems in our neighborhood.  Let’s not forget 512 Coffee and Ice Cream, now in its 9th month of operation, delivering coffee and ice cream to local residents and visitors from across the country.  The second-floor Airbnb has hosted guests from the State of Washington to Vermont, Florida to Michigan along with Canada.  The ride will finish along Railroad Street and hopefully, an Amtrak or Norfolk Southern Train will pass through providing a little ambiance and memory of how important the railroads were in building the country.